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Course Expectations

Course Expectations

Mrs. Reader

8th grade Physical Science

Course description: Physical Science consists of three main areas of study. We will focus on fundamental science skills, Chemistry and Physics. These three areas of study are designed to help a student think critically and develop a scientific mindset. The course will be taught as a hands-on inquiry based learning style. The goal is to develop students who will be scientifically ready for the 8th grade PSSA test and be able to score proficient or above.

Course Topics: The following topics will be covered as time permits.

Scientific Method Chemical Interactions Energy Earth Science Review

Measurement Motion Heat Periodic Table

Phases of Matter Forces Electricity

Classification of Matter Simple Machines Life Science Review

Class Expectations: As an 8th grade student you are expected to be a leader and set the example for the other students. In order to accomplish this I expect you to follow these rules and guidelines.

  1. Arrive to class on time and ready to learn. This means you are through the door before the bell rings and you have ALL required materials (including but not limited to…. writing utensil, folder with all papers in date order, homework and textbook)

  2. You will treat everyone with respect. That includes teachers, other students and yourself. If you are unable to do this do not expect to be respected by those around you.

  3. Follow all directions and classroom room rules at all times. These rules are for your own benefit and will be posted so that you do not forget them.

  4. Enjoy learning. You only get one first chance to get it right. Take every opportunity available to learn as much as possible. You might not think you like what we are learning but give it a try you just might be surprised.

Grading Criteria: Grades will be based on points. The value for an assignment will be determined by the length and complexity of the assignment. Assignments will include tests, quizzes, homework, notebook, group and individual work and projects, labs, and bell ringers.

PSSA PREP: Periodically you will be given a PSSA Packet for practice. It will be due the following Friday. If you return the packet by Monday I will grade it and return it on Tuesday and you may make corrections. This will not always be content that I cover in class. Some of the packets will be topics you learned about in 6th and 7th grade. It will be your responsibility to look up the information to help answer the questions. This is a graded assignment on right or wrong. It will not be accepted late. If you do not turn it in you get a zero.

***Your course expectations are to be the first paper in your binder at all times for reference***

Parents please read, sign, date and return  bottom of paper.

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