Ms. Haskins 
7th Grade Communication Arts 

I. Language Arts --- The skills studied in Seventh Grade Language Arts are the skills needed to be effective communicators. Students will communicate through writing paragraphs, summaries, compositions, research papers, and narratives. Students will learn reading strategies that will make them better readers. Students will study several types of literature to understand and interpret the ideas communicated by others through written text.

    Besides reading and writing, other skills need to be studied. Students will study vocabulary, grammar, library and research skills, the writing and speech processes, and literary terms. Two textbooks, Writer’s Choice and Glencoe Literature, will be used in class. In addition, supplemental information will be presented throughout the school year.

II. Class Rules -- Students are expected to sit in their assigned seats, raise their hands to respond to a question or ask one, respect their peers and teachers, work on communication arts assignments, and complete homework on time.

    In the event I am absent from class, students are to treat the substitute teacher or teacher aide with respect and follow the directions of substitute teachers and aides. I will have consequences and/or submit a discipline referral form to the principal for any student who misbehaves for a substitute teacher. Some examples of misbehavior are talking back or making inappropriate comments, refusing to work on assignments, intentionally not following directions, or causing disruptions in the classroom.

III. Grading -- The grade given for the course will be the average of home/class work, projects, tests, vocab, and quiz grades. Speeches, writing or project assignments often equal a test grade. Students are usually notified in advance the point value of an assignment. In order to avoid a zero, students who have not turned in assignments on time are encouraged to use consultation time until the assignment is complete.

IV. Consultation Time -- Any student who needs additional help may see me during a consultation period from 2:50 to 3:05. I am available most days if a student needs additional help. Students are encouraged to come the day before test for a study session with me.

    Any student displaying inappropriate behavior will be required to attend a consultation period for a specified number of days. Students not handing in graded writing assignments may be assigned consultation periods until the assignment is completed. Bus students assigned consultation will be given a day’s notice so parents are able to make arrangements for transportation since the buses leave at 2:50. There will be consequences for skipping assigned consultation period.

V. Remind.com – I will be using the “Remind” app to remind students of the day’s homework. 

To join remind: Download the “Remind” app from apple store or Google play; sign up for an account and enter the code 810-10 OR text the words “join haskinsc” to 918-3029684.


VI. Google Classroom – Many assignments will be through Google classroom and students will have to turn their assignments in electronically.  If you have any questions about Google classroom, please email or call me, and I will set time after school to show you how Google classroom works and how to access from home.