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Grade 8 - Spanish I

Grade 8 - Spanish I

We will be using the Ven Conmigo I textbook.  Students will not be given their own textbook for outside of class.  
All notes/handouts will be placed in a three ringed binder.

Text:  Ven Conmigo 1



Chapter 5


-      present tense conjugation of -ER and -IR verbs, weather and seasons, days, months, date


Chapter 6


-      family, what family does together, possessive adjectives, “g” verbs


Chapter 7


-      talking on the phone, invitations (extend, accept, turn down),

 stem-changing verbs, reflexive verbs, places, talking about getting ready in the morning / at night

Chapter 9 

 -  clothing / clothing materials and designs, comparisons, demonstrative adjectives, asking about the price and paying for something 


Chapter 10


-      talking about what one is doing now, asking for / giving opinions, asking for help and responding to requests, informal commands, talking about the past (“AR” verbs), direct object pronouns, holidays/celebrations


Chapter 11

-  making suggestions, expressing feelings, talking about moods and physical conditions, saying what you did / when and where you went



numbers 200 - 1,000,000


body parts / expressing aches and pains