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Grade 7 Spanish I

Grade 7 - Spanish

We will be following the sequence of the textbook Ven Conmigo I.  Students will not be given their own textbook for outside of class.  All notes/handouts will be placed in a three ringed binder.

Text:  Ven Conmigo I



Chapter 1


-        introductions, age, origin, likes / dislikes, numbers 0 - 39


Chapter 2


-        talking about what one has/needs/wants, room content, 

school supplies, numbers 40 - 199



Chapter 3


-        classes/school subjects, time, sequencing of classes, 

being late/in a hurry, describing people / things,

 expressing likes and dislikes



Chapter 4


-        free-time activities, places, describing the location of objects 

and people, conjugation of “AR” verbs, talking about where one goes



Chapter 5


-  adverbs of frequency, talking about how often one does an activity,

expressing likes/dislikes