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N. Varano-Delgado


Grade 6 - Spanish Exploratory
Grade 7 - Spanish I
Grade 8 - Spanish I


Señora Varano-Delgado


Para mis alumnos (for my students):

 I hope your experience in class this year is fun and educating.  If you work hard and participate, you'll see the results!  So, welcome to the exciting world of Spanish!
Para los padres de mis alumnos (for the Parents):

I am so happy to be teaching your son/daughter.  In class we do a variety of engaging activities to enhance our comprehension and communicative skills.  Vocabulary, language structure and grammatical skills will be taught to enable the students to communicate effectively.   Another important part of our class will be learning about Spanish and Latin American cultures.  Celebrating holidays, learning traditional and pop songs, reading poems, eating ethnic food, and watching interesting videos are examples of activities that are incorporated in order to promote understanding and appreciation of Spanish people, language, and culture.

National Anthem of Spain

"National Anthem of Mexico"