Course Expectations

7th Grade Science

Course and Classroom Expectations

Course Expectations

         7th grade is the study of earth and space science.  The course is divided into the following units:  Inside Earth, Astronomy, Earth’s Waters, and Earth’s Changing Surface.  By the end of the course the student will be expected to have a general knowledge of earth and space concepts as outlined in the Pennsylvania Academic Standards and school curriculum.


Classroom Rules

·      All students are expected to follow 3 simple rules:

o   Respect all people and all property at all times

o   Come to class prepared (assignment book, science book, pencil, science notes, any assignments, etc.)

o   Follow the rules established in the student handbook

·      If these rules are not followed, the following consequences will occur in the order listed:

o   Verbal warning

o   Reflective Writing (after school)

o   15 minute consultation after school

o   30 minute consultation after school

o   Phone call home - this may occur any time at the teacher's discretion

o   Referral to administration

·      Four (4) restroom breaks will be given during each marking period.  Too many restroom breaks will result in consultation time after school.  The only exception is documented cases where bathroom access is medically necessary

·      The use of electronic devices (cellular phones, gaming devices, music devices, etc…) are strictly prohibited in science class.  These devices will be confiscated if used during the class period.

Classroom and Homework Assignments

·      Assignments are to be handed in at the beginning of the class period they are due.  If the assignment is not turned in on time the following will occur.

o   A maximum of 3/4 credit will be given if the assignment is turned in 1 day late.

o   A maximum of 1/2 credit will be given if the assignment is turned in 2 days late.

o   If the assignment is still not complete, the student will be required to complete consultation time (after school) until the assignment is complete.

o   Leaving an assignment in your locker is not an excuse and will be considered late.

·      When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to check for missed assignments and arrange with the teacher for completion. 

o   If the assignment is not received by the due date, it will be considered late and the same consequences listed above will be followed.

·      If you are absent the day before a scheduled quiz or test you will be expected to take the quiz or test with the rest of the class.

·      Any student caught cheating will receive zero points for the assignment and a parent/guardian may be notified.



·      Student grades will be calculated based on the total number of points earned divided by the total number of points that could be earned.  Example: 900 points earned / 1000 possible points = 90%

·      Grades for each marking period will be based on the following:

o   Tests

o   Weekly Quizzes

o   Projects and In-class Assignments/Labs

o   Homework

o   Classroom Participation



         Consultation time (after school) is provided for all students who are having difficulty or need assistance.  Please take advantage of this opportunity or see me to schedule a specific time when we can discuss any issues.