Parent Letter

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Dear Parents and Guardians of Seventh Grade Science Students,

            Welcome to 7th grade! My name is Mr. Prokopovits and I will have the honor of leading your child through the wonders of earth science. I firmly believe that you and I are invaluable tools in the education of your son or daughter and for that reason I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and inform you about what we will be learning this year.

            I graduated from Susquehanna University in 2006 with a major and certification in biology and minors in chemistry and secondary education. I also graduated from Walden University in 2014 with a Master of Science in Education: Science K-8. I have previously taught physical science, life science, earth science, biology, keystone biology prep, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and physics at various levels from sixth grade through twelfth grade.   

Throughout this year we will be exploring six major topics: Scientific Thinking/Measuring, Geology, Earth’s Waters, Changing Earth’s Surface and Astronomy. In our exploration of scientific thinking/measuring we explore the scientific method and the International System of Units. In Geology we examine the composition of the earth, rocks and minerals, and features or the earth. We will also explore natural water systems, cycles and impacts of waters systems on the environment in the Earth’s Waters unit. In the Changing Earth’s Surface unit, we explore the forces that shape our world. Finally, astronomy will focus on the structures and characteristics of celestial bodies and our solar system.

            I am a firm believer in hands-on education, cooperative learning, and inquiry-based design where students seek answers to guided questions. Whenever possible in class I will have your child interacting with the material through labs, projects, demonstrations and games. In class we will utilize as much technology and media as possible through PowerPoint, animations, video clips, jeopardy, games and labs.

            During the first week of class your child was given a copy of the course expectations that I am requesting you review and sign. I also suggest that you utilize the course google classroom and remind class as I use these websites to send out important updates about assignments. You can also follow your child’s grades through PowerSchool Parent Portal at My google classroom website can be accessed by having your son/daughter login to their google account and going to the classroom page. There is also valuable information on the Shikellamy Middle School homepage. Please take a moment to review these materials so you become more familiar with the classroom rules and grading policy. I am positive this will be a fantastic year for all of us and I look forward to meeting you and your child. If you have any questions feel free to contact me before or after school by phone at (570) 286-3736 or by email at


Mr. Prokopovits