Course Expectations

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Course Expectations


In science we will explore the foundations of earth and space science. By the end of the course each student will be expected to have a general working knowledge of earth and space concepts as outlined in the Pennsylvania Academic Standards and the school curriculum.

  • Scientific Thinking/Measuring
  • Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Earth’s Waters
  • Changing Earth’s Surface
  • Scientific Review


Classroom Rules


All students will be expected to follow three simple rules:

  • Be respectful of each other, yourself, the teacher and school property
  • Be prepared everyday (notebook, notes, pencil, assignments, etc.)
  • Follow all of the rules established in the student handbook

If these rules are not followed, the following consequences will occur

  • Verbal warning
  • Consultation time
  • Reflective writing
  • Phone call home
  • Conference with parent/guardian and student
  • Administrative referral


Restroom breaks should be taken between classes, at lunch, during homeroom, or during study halls throughout the day. Each quarter three emergency restroom passes will be given to each student. Restroom breaks beyond the three passes will result in consultation time. Lost bathroom passes will not be replaced and will result in consultation time if a restroom break is needed. A student will never be denied the use of the bathroom, except in emergency building situations. If a student uses all of their passes on their class bathroom pass he/she will still be allowed to use the bathroom but will have a consultation about time management. If a student loses his/her bathroom pass he/she can still use the bathroom but will have a consultation for not having his/her classroom supplies.


No food or drink will be permitted in the classroom at any time. Exceptions will absolutely be made for documented medical needs.


School materials are to be deposited in the designated classroom area prior to the bell. Only the materials needed for science class should be taken to each student’s desk. Electronic devices are prohibited in the classroom unless previously approved by me. When necessary and approved headphones can be used for classroom activities.


Students may be pulled out of the cafeteria, study hall, etc. to eat lunch in the science while they finish missed assignments or one of the aforementioned consequences.


Classroom and Homework Assignments


Bell Ringers are questions generated from the previous day or few days material covered in class. They are daily questions that are completed within the first few minutes of class in each student’s Bell Ringer book.


With just about every chapter/unit there will be some common assignments that are given out in the beginning of covering that chapter/unit. This usually gives students (depending on the size of the chapter/unit) a week to several weeks to complete those assignments. Those assignments included Edpuzzles, Quizizz and a study guide. 


These assignments require an internet connection and consequently are assigned with an ample amount of time to complete prior to their deadline. If a student has an issue with internet access at home it is his/her responsibility to talk with me when they are assigned to setup accommodations for internet usage. If he/she does not talk with me when the assignments are first handed out then it is his/her responsibility to have them done on the original due date.


Edpuzzles are videos that have embedded questions in them that students have to watch and listen to in order to answer. If they are not sure of an answer they can rewatch that section of the video to replay the answer. Students can also reset their edpuzzle by asking me during pd. 1 if they did not like their current grade. Resetting the edpuzzle allows them to rewatch and re-answer the questions to improve their grade. There shouldn't be any low grades on edpuzzles if everyone is taking advantage of the resetting them. They can reset the edpuzzles all the way up until two days before it is due.


Quizizz is an online game of review questions that students have to answer about our chapter/unit. It has a leader board so students can see how well they are competing. The number of times they need to complete the quizizz varies a little from chapter/unit to chapter/unit, but they can retry the questions as many times as they like. 


The Study Guide is a google form that follows what we have been talking about in class and the material from the book (they will be getting their first book in the coming weeks). The answers come directly from their notes from class and the book. They are allowed to use their notes and their book to answer the questions.


There is also a Weekly Assignment at the end of every week. This assignment comes from the material that we have covered so far in our chapter/unit. So students should be reviewing/studying for that each week. On their weekly assignments and tests I allow them to use a 3 in. by 5 in. note card. They can hand write any notes that they want to on the front and the back. If they choose to make one, it serves as an excellent study tool for students as they prepare for the weekly assignments/tests and they can use it as they take the weekly assignments/tests.


Assignments are due at the beginning of class. The student’s name and the date are required on all work. Any work turned in without a name may be discarded. Leaving an assignment in your locker is not an excuse and will be considered late. If the assignment is not turned in, completely answered or thoroughly answered at the beginning of class the following will occur:

  • An Incomplete Work Notice will be given detailing why the assignment was not completed, the amount of credit received on the assignment, and the date for consultation for missing the assignment. Both the student and his/her parent/guardian must sign the Incomplete Work Notice and the notice must be stapled to the assignment before it can be turned in.
  • A maximum of half credit will be given if the assignment is turned in within two days of the original due date.
  • If the assignment is still not turned in then the student will be required to complete consultation time until the assignment is complete. The minimum number of points will be given.


When a student is absent it is the student’s responsibility to get missed assignments/notes and talk to the teacher. The student will have the same number of days to make up missing work as he or she was absent. This period may be extended based on teacher discretion. If the assignments are not turned in by the agreed due date, the student will be given the same consequences mentioned above for missing work. If a lab or activity cannot be made up due to an absence an alternate assignment may serve as a replacement. A portion of your grade will come from in class activities and frequent absenteeism will negatively impact your grade.


There are many ways to find out what was missed during an absence:

  • Mr. Pro’s google classroom website
  • The school website and Homework Hotline
  • See Mr. Pro for any handouts (notes, worksheets, etc.)


If you are absent the day before a quiz or exam you will be expected to take the exam with the rest of the class.

Please check Mr. Pro’s website daily for updated homework, test dates and assignments as they are subject to change.


No cheating or plagiarism will be tolerated and all parties involved will receive a zero for the assignment/exam and parents will be notified.




Grades will be determined based on a points system.  To figure out your grade at any point during the quarter, take the number of points you have earned and divide by the total number of possible points for the quarter. 

Example: 950 points earned / 1000 points possible = 95%


Grades for each marking period will consist of:

  • Tests
  • Bell Ringers
  • Study Guides
  • Edpuzzles/Quizizzes
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Quizzes/Classwork/Labs
  • Projects
  • Notes/Notebook
  • Homework


Each student is responsible for keeping a neat and orderly binder. There must be at least four divided sections (bell ringers, notes, assignments, and extra paper). Notebooks may be collected at any time for a grade and must be complete in order to receive full credit.


Retakes for tests are at the discretion of the teacher and not guaranteed. When a retest is granted, it will be available for no more than three school days from the original date of the test.


Bonus points may be offered to the entire class throughout the marking period. No individual extra credit assignments will be offered.


Every time that a student breaks a class rule or causes a disruption for the class the student will receive the consequences previously discussed. Since each class functions as a community, the class is tasked with trying to help the student that is causing a distraction by politely offering encouragement or a redirection to a positive behavior. If this does not occur the entire class will receive the consequences previously outlined.




Consultation time is provided for any student who needs extra help or wants to entertain their curiosity in science. Please feel free to use this time to talk with me or schedule time to discuss any issues. I am always willing to help—just ask!