Common Assignments

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With just about every chapter/unit there will be some common assignments that are given out in the beginning of covering that chapter/unit. This usually gives students (depending on the size of the chapter/unit) a week to several weeks to complete those assignments. Those assignments included Edpuzzles, Quizizz and a study guide

Edpuzzles are videos that have embedded questions in them that students have to watch and listen to in order to answer. If they are not sure of an answer they can rewatch that section of the video to replay the answer. Students can also reset their edpuzzle by asking me during pd. 1 if they did not like their current grade. Resetting the edpuzzle allows them to rewatch and re-answer the questions to improve their grade. There shouldn't be any low grades on edpuzzles if everyone is taking advantage of the resetting them. They can reset the edpuzzles all the way up until two days before it is due.

Quizizz is an online game of review questions that students have to answer about our chapter/unit. It has a leader board so students can see how well they are competing. The number of times they need to complete the quizizz varies a little from chapter/unit to chapter/unit, but they can retry the questions as many times as they like. 

The Study Guide is a google form that follows what we have been talking about in class and the material from the book (they will be getting their first book in the coming weeks). The answers come directly from their notes from class and the book. They are allowed to use their notes and their book to answer the questions.

There is also a Weekly Assignment at the end of every week. This assignment comes from the material that we have covered so far in our chapter/unit. So students should be reviewing/studying for that each week. On their weekly assignments and tests I allow them to use a 3 in. by 5 in. note card. They can hand write any notes that they want to on the front and the back. If they choose to make one, it serves as an excellent study tool for students as they prepare for the weekly assignments/tests and they can use it as they take the weekly assignments/tests.