Course Outline:  8th Grade Biology

General Information:
    This is an advanced class offered to students who have scored proficient or advanced on the 8th grade Study Island benchmark and are projected to score proficient or advanced on the Biology Keystone Exam.  Students who pass this class and the Biology Keystone Exam will have more time available to take advanced and AP science classes at the high school levelThis class must be taken in conjunction with 8th grade Physical Science to ensure that students are exposed to all standards present on the 8th grade Science PSSA. 

Course Objectives:

    The goal of this course is to challenge highly motivated students in order to help them to become better problem solvers and independent thinkers, while studying biology.  Students will complete a variety of inquiry based, cooperative learning experiences and will also develop the skills necessary to perform at an advanced level on the Keystone Biology Exam.

 Note:  If a student passes this class, but does not score proficient or advanced on the Biology Keystone, the student will be enrolled in biology again next year at Shikellamy High School.

Student Expectations: Same as for 8th grade Physical Science

Grading Procedure:

     Grades will be determined on a total point system and include tests, quizzes (announced and unannounced), homework, writing assignments, activities, bell ringers, & projects. This course may also have a final exam. You will be reminded of most major assignments and tests through the Remind program.  Participation in Remind is optional, but very helpful.  See below to sign up.

    Grades will be primarily based on quiz and test scores.  No retakes of tests or extra credit work will be permitted. Students will also receive a score of zero for any late assignments, unless a student is absent.

    The internet will be required as a resource for many homework assignments, because a textbook is not used for this class.  Please only use the internet sources you are directed to use for specific assignments, which can be accessed through my webpage at:

     Final grades in biology will become part of the student’s high school transcript.  This grade will be determined by averaging the final grade in biology with the final grade in 8th grade science.  The grade will also be weighted as an honors class.

Topics of Study:  Ecology,   Chemistry of Life, Cells & Organelles, Bioenergetics, Cell Growth and Replication, Making Proteins, Genetics, Evolution