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Mrs. Wolfgang: 8th Grade Science

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Physical Science & Biology Homepage
I am looking forward to having a very successful year!!! 

Course Outline:  8th Grade Physical Science


Course Objectives:

 The goal of this course is to assist students in becoming better problem solvers and independent thinkers, while studying physical science.  Students will complete a variety of inquiry based, cooperative learning experiences and will also develop the skills necessary for high school science courses and to perform proficiently on the Science PSSA!


Student Expectations:
Students will respect the teacher and other students

Students will be responsible for their learning 
This includes:
participating and paying attention in class
 bringing charged Chromebook, folder with written materials, and something to write with
completing all assignments
checking grades regularly
maintaining academic honesty
contacting instructor about missed assignments
using only websites specifically determined by the teacher to contain accurate content 
(unless permitted for an individual assignment)


Students will be safe and follow all directions and lab safety guidelines the first time they are given

Grading Procedure:

Grades will be determined on a total point system and include both on-line and paper tests, quizzes, specific benchmark questions, 

homework, activities, bell ringers, & projects

Class & homework reminders will be provided as often as possible by using remind.  

Academic dishonesty inhibits student learning and will result in a zero for the assignment, as well as a discipline referral depending on the severity.

Academic Dishonesty/Cheating:

 Sharing answers to tests, quizzes, homework, and/or assignments 

(unless permitted for individual assignments, in which answers are discussed by the students)

Viewing test, quiz, or benchmark questions prior to completing the assignment

Sharing test, quiz, or benchmark questions with other students.

Plagiarism: practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

Using the internet to research the answers to test or quiz or benchmark questions 

Using the internet to research answer to questions that are to be answered by making inferences or conclusions

 from data or information in class


Topics of Study:

Scientific Thinking
Phases of Matter
Classification of Matter
Chemical Interactions
Simple Machines 
Life Science Review
Earth Science Review
Periodic Table of Elements
Contact Information:
Katie Rhoads-Wolfgang
Shikellamy Middle School

Check the links page for helpful practice quizzes & tests. 

Homework is posted on the Calendar
on the Shikellamy Middle School Webpage!!