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Course Expectations



I.                    EXPECTATIONS:


A.      All students should be in their assigned seats and quietly working on their bell ringers when I enter the room. (These are to be done in class. If absent, it is the student's responsibility to complete the day missed on his own time. All bell ringers are to be submitted on Fridays and count as part of students' class participation grades.)

B.       All students are to complete a daily reading log. This will be worth 100 pts. at the end of the marking period. If they are absent, they are still responsible to make up the reading time that was missed and complete the log. 

C.  All students are required to take two Study Island quizzes per month and pass with a minimum of 70%. Quizzes may be retaken as many times as needed until the student obtains this score. Questions missed can be viewed to help in preventing students to make the same mistakes. Also, lessons accompany each quiz to further help with success. If the score is received, the student will receive a 100% for having met the requirements, and this will count as a test grade. If the score is not received, the student will receive a 0% for that month.

D.   All students are to turn in a TDA assignment the same day a vocabulary test is given. These assignments will be given at least one week in advance.

E.    All students are expected to copy their vocabulary words and definitions in their notebooks. This is a study technique that will be implemented the entire year.


II.                PROCEDURES:


A.      Homework – It is expected that all homework be completed and with students the day it is due. Each homework assignment is worth one percent of the student’s grade. If every homework assignment is completed for the entire marking period, three points will be added to the student’s final grade. 


*Please note: Homework grades will not appear on Power Grade due to the fact that points are lost or gained at the end of the marking period; therefore, it is important to understand that the final grade you see will probably be different on the report card.


B.       Making up work – Students will have the number of days absent, plus one, to make up work missed.


        C.   Grading – A point system will be used. The amount of points for each test, quiz, composition, etc. will vary. 


        D.    Extra credit – To be eligible to do extra credit, no more than one homework assignment may be missed. If two         or more homework assignments are missed, even if extra credit has already been handed in, the extra credit will not count. Extra credit assignments were to be copied into the back of students’ notebooks.

My course expectations can be found on my website. To find this, go to www.shikbraves.org. From there, select Shikellamy Middle School under “schools” and then select faculty. My site is under J. DeRemer.

If you need a printed copy of these expectations because you are unable to access my website, please let me know by September 6, 2019.



Your signature below indicates that you have read and understand the course expectations for Mrs. DeRemer’s Communication Arts class. Students are to return this signed paper by September 10, 2019.  It will count as a ten point assignment. 

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