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E. Fangmann

7th Grade Music
7th and 8th Grade Chorus
Course Expectations: Music

Shikellamy Middle School

         7th Grade Music

                   August 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome back to school!  I hope the new school year finds you and your family well-rested and ready to resume learning.  There are many new adventures awaiting your 7th graders at the Shikellamy Middle School.  My name is Eileen Fangmann, and I will be teaching middle school music.

Attached to this letter please find Grading Policies and a Student Contract.  Please review all of the policies with your child.  So that I know you have received this packet, I am asking that you and your child read and sign the student contract page and return it to me by Friday, September 11, 2015.

Middle school music meets for one period, once every 6-day cycle.  I am looking forward to exploring music with your child this year.  Together, I am hoping that we can make music an important and fun part of his or her life.  I am also anxious to meet you in the near future as well.  If you have any questions about our music program or your child’s progress, please contact me at the middle school at 570-286-3736.


Eileen L. Fangmann

Music Teacher


Shikellamy Middle School

7th Grade Music

2015—2016  Grading Policy

Classroom grades will be weighted as follows and are more fully explained below:

Classroom BAP (Behavior, Attitude, Preparedness): 55% of the grade

Group Projects: 15% of the grade

Written Quizzes/Tests: 15% of the grade

Homework Assignments: 15% of the grade

Classroom BAP (Behavior, Attitude, Preparedness)

Music students are scheduled one period during the 6-day cycle.  This grade will account for

55% of each marking period grade and will be based on the following criteria:

  • Participation:  Actively participating and remaining focused during class;

  • Behavior/Attitude:  Cooperating with teacher and classmates during class;

  • Punctuality/Preparedness:  Being on time with all materials and a pencil.

This grade will be based on the student’s behavior during each class, including attentiveness and

focus, general attitude, and active participation as required.  The student will be expected to be prepared for every class, which includes arriving on time, along with a pencil for taking notes.

Group Projects

Students will be required to participate in group projects.  Students will be expected to contribute equally to the group dynamic.  This grade will account for 15% of each marking period grade.

Written Quizzes/Tests

During each marking period, students will be administered written quizzes or tests to determine progress made in music theory and general music concepts.  Written assessments will account for

15% of the music grade on the student’s report card each marking period.

Homework Assignments

While there will not be many homework assignments, students will be expected to fulfill all homework requirements.  These assignments will account for 15% of the music grade on the student’s report card each marking period.

Shikellamy Middle School

7th Grade Music

2015—2016  Music Student Contract

As a student in this music class, I understand that there are expectations to meet and rules to follow in order to make this class an educational and enjoyable musical experience for all involved.  The rules and expectations that I agree to meet and follow are listed below:

  • I will be an active participant in all classes.  This means I will focus, listen, and follow directions carefully.  I will be positive and try my best at all times!

  • I will be on time for all classes.  If I am late, I will have a pass from another teacher.

  • I will bring all my materials (all handouts and notes, pencil) to every class.

  • I will respect school property and equipment as well as the property of my fellow classmates, and others who may use this room.  This means I will not handle instruments and equipment without prior permission from a music teacher.  I will keep the music room clean and organized.

  • I will prepare all assignments in a timely manner for class.  This includes studying for any written quizzes or tests.

  • I will be respectful of my teacher and fellow classmates.  I will not use inappropriate language, gestures, or physical contact.  Friendliness and politeness are always appreciated.

  • I will not chew gum.

  • I will only talk at appropriate times during class.  Appropriate times for talking are when instructed by the teacher.

  • I will use my singing voice appropriately during class.  I will participate in appropriate warm-up exercises as directed by the teacher during class.  I must only sing in the music room so as not to distract other classes.

  • If I am absent from class, it is my responsibility to find out what I missed and what my assignment is for the next class.

I understand that acting in an inappropriate way in the classroom setting will have its consequences.  They are as follows:

  • Students will receive a verbal warning prior to receiving disciplinary action.  Written record will be kept of major concerns.

  • If the teacher must speak to a student repeatedly, the teacher will make contact with parents/guardians to discuss appropriate behavior.

  • If inappropriate behavior persists, the principal and parents/guardians will be contacted.  Appropriate actions will be taken at that point.

Shikellamy Middle School

7th Grade Music

2015—2016  Music Student Contract


Student’s Name____________________________________________________________________Class_________________________

Parents/Guardians’ Names_______________________________________________________________________________________

I have read and understand the student contract for music class.  By signing below, I am agreeing to fulfill the expectations to the best of my abilities.

Student Signature__________________________________________________________________Date__________________________


Please review this information with your child and sign below indicating that you have read the contract.  The contract should be kept at home.  Please return this page only to me at school by Friday, September 11, 2015.

Parent/Guardian Signature________________________________________________________Date_________________________

If you should have any questions, please contact me at school (570-286-3736).  Thank you for your cooperation and support of the middle school music programs in the Shikellamy School District!


Eileen L. Fangmann

Music Teacher