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course expectations

     Students should be prepared for class every day by having your book, pencil, folder and completed homework.  Points will be deducted if these are missing.
     Students are responsible for missed assignments when absent from class.  The class basket contains missed assignments to be made up the next day following an absence.  
     Students are expected to participate in all class activities in a respectful and orderly manner.   Failure to do this will result in consequences -warning, concultation, discipline referral.  
     Bathroom passes are limited to the end of the period when doing homework.  The blue pass from the office will be used.  
     I have the responsibility to see that all students have the opportunity to learn in a safe and respectful environment.   Therefore I have the right to change class guidelines if needed.  
     Students will read assigned work.  
     Students will participate in individual and group projects.  
     Students will complete maps, charts, graphs, political cartoons, homework, posters, current tests, etc.  
     An evaluation will be given for each chapter.   Tests, projects, etc. will be used.   I grade on a total point system.   Every assignment is worth a certain number of points.  At the end of the marking period all points will be totaled and divided by the total number of possible points.  This will be converted to a number and letter grade.  I use the Shikellamy School District grading system.  
     Extra Credit can be done by writing extra current events on NEWS only.  These must be a complete paragraph. (Only one extra current event per week will be accepted per marking period.)
     1. Geography/Economics
     2. Early Civilizations
     3. Egypt
     4. Greece
     5. Rome
     6. Middle Ages
     7. Renaissance
     8. Nations, Empires
     9. WWI,  WWII
Dear parents:
     Every student has an equal opportunity to be successful in 7th grade Social Studies.  I want to share in this opportunity to help all students understand the Eastern Hemisphere by creating a positive classroom atmosphere.  We will respect each other, have fun studying people, culture, economics, geography and government and history.  We will learn together about many topics.   I willl challenge every student to develop critical thinking skills.   We will respect all opinions and help each student to develop his/her opinions.   With respect and cooperation everyone will be successful.  
                                                                                    Deborah L. Zweier