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Shikellamy Middle School is actively involved with minimizing the bullying that happens in schools, especially in the middle school setting. The school would like to say we are eradicating bullying totally, but realistically that won't happen until we can educate children about the topic. Each month SMS has class meetings with their teacher and peers in their 8th period class. Each month, topics are discussed as a result of committee recommendations or issues seen around the school. Empathy was presented twice so far this year since it's a topic that seems to be misunderstood my everyone. The attached PowerPoint is one that was used during the kick-off in the fall and the Empathy presentation was used in December. If you have any questions about this program and its effectiveness in the school, please contact me or Dr. Murphy-Kahn at 570-286-3736.

Empathy - Part 2


Deborah McLaughlin,
Jan 15, 2016, 6:59 AM