Town Poem - Due October 6th

Create a poem based on Carl Sandburg's poem "Chicago". 
Your poem must follow the same format as Sandburg used in his poem. 



Educating children
Leaders of tomorrow
Players of sports and musical instruments
Strong, dedicated, hardworking
School of distinction

They tell me you were a sub-par school with difficult children and I waited to see for myself.

And they tell me you're disorderly and non-compliant, but Is see you as rambunctious and full of life. 

And they tell me you are poor and deprived, and my reply is they struggle but have goals to achieve. 

And having answered I turn to those who scoff and ask them if the grass is greener where they live.

Come and learn and you'll see that we're no different than others in the area or even outside the state.

We work through blasphemy and keep our head raised high. 

We wear our Braves shirts, hats, and gear and hold our head high. 

Fierce as an Indian while pitted against Seals, Ironmen, and Panthers. 

Tall or short

Under the scrutiny of the press and foes of the district comes laughter from the buildings. 

Even as the ignorant bystander destroys our reputation; we stand tall believing.

The beating of the drum keeps cadence for us to live, breathe and believe in Shikellamy.

Bragging, laughing, determined, sweating; half in uniforms displaying their pride. Learners of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science wanting to make a difference.