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D. McLaughlin - 8th Grade ELA

                8th Grade Communication Arts
 Welcome to my webpage. I have proudly served Shikellamy for the past 11 years. Although I am not a native of the area, I do support all aspects of the school district. I am a grandmom to six beautiful children. Since they do not live locally, I frequently travel to Ohio and New York to visit them. My youngest lives in Myrtle Beach, so when I need my beach fix, it's an 11 hour ride to visit her! Please enjoy my photos of my family, including my husband Leo.

Each year we begin with enthusiasm and promise; by the end, the enthusiasm has increased and excellence has been reached. My students will be fully engrossed in writing and literature. To become prepared for high school, 8th grade students must learn the rigors of education. In my classroom, I expect all students to learn because no matter their background, I know I can reach them at their level. No matter if it's poetry, non-fiction or novels, I will find a way to engage students to enjoy Communication Arts.

My grading is done by weight. This is the tentative schedule of my grading. I give homework each night. Homework is weighted 10%. Accelerated Reading is weighted 5%. Students are encouraged to reach 20 points a quarter. Vocabulary tests are given each Friday and are weighted 30%. Quizzes are 25% weighted and tests are 30%.

If you ever have a question, please email me at mclaughlind@shikbraves.org or call the school.

Thank you for giving me the privilege to teach your child. I look forward to getting to know them!

Chief Shikellamy

Jennifer with Patrick, Sean and Cullen                    Lukas and Daniella