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Course Expectations

Shikellamy Middle School
Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Social Studies – 7th Grade                                                        Instructor:  Mrs. Gavason




    1. All students are expected to be prepared and take part in all class activities in an appropriate manner.  Being prepared means having their pencil and folder ready at the beginning of class.  Respect for the rights of others to learn in a positive environment is essential.
    2. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in class.  If teacher reprimands go unheeded,a parent or guardian will be notified immediately.

      2.    ATTENDANCE

                        A.  When absent, it is the students responsibility, the day they return, to check with the 

                                student who has compiled their missed work.  A folder with instructions and assignments is 
                                posted at all times.

                        B.   Work should be made up within two days, except for extended absences.

 C.  Students needing assistance in completing missed work should ask the teacher for help.  Arrangements will be made for individual help.


                A.  Students will be expected to read assignments from the text, primary sources, handouts,

                        and other resource materials.

B.       Written assignments will be given to accompany readings.

C.       Cooperative learning projects will be utilized on a regular basis.  Students will be 

expected to practice interpersonal skills while interacting with social studies curriculum.

Individual grades will be given to each student in the group.

D.      Students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding in many forms including:

maps, charts, graphs, cartoons, drawings, posters, essays, presentations, drama, journals, short stories, reports, speeches, quizzes, tests, etc.

4.        TESTS 

A.      Many types of assessment will be given throughout the year including: multiple choice,

essay, primary source analysis, performance assessments.

B.       All tests will be announced.  Unannounced quizzes may be given at any time, especially

when a reading assignment has been given.

5.        GRADES

A.      Grades for each marking period will be based on a point system.  Each assignment will be 

worth a specific number of points.  All points will be totaled at the end of the marking period and converted to a letter grade.

6.        UNITS OF STUDY

A.      Introduction of 7 themes to be used throughout the year.

1.        Economics

2.        Geography

3.        Character

4.      Cultural legacies

5.       Religion as a factor of culture
6.     Migration: people, goods, and ideas

B.       Early River civilizations

1.        Mesopotamia

2.        Egypt

3.        Indus

4.        Huang Ho (China)



C.       Other early civilizations

1.        Hittites

2.        Phoenicians

3.        Hebrews

4.        Assyrians

5.        Persians

D.      The Greeks

E.       The Romans

F.       The Middle Ages

G.       The Renaissance

H.      Nations and Empires

I.         WWI – WWII


A.      At the conclusion of this course the student should show progress in the following areas.

1.        Understanding the eastern hemisphere and its many peoples from earliest times to the present.

2.        Develop the social studies, reading, map, and globe skills necessary to understand the

eastern hemisphere.

3.        Develop the ability to think critically and independently.

4.        Understanding various political and economic systems.

5.        Understand the importance of religion to the culture of a region

6.        Understand that human progress is a continuum of which they are the inheritors.


      From time to time we will do projects that require an alternative form of assessment.  For example, in the Mesopotamian unit, students will be writing skits, presenting the skits in the form of a live television broadcast modeled after Good Morning America, and viewing their performances to review the material.  Because we will be video taping students, a form must be signed giving permission for your child to be photographed.  Please sign the form below if your child has permission to be photographed throughout the school year.  Thank you.






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I give permission for my child _______________________________to be video taped in the 7thgrade social studies class for academic purposes.

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