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Topic 1- Use Positive Rational Numbers Newsletter from Mrs. Bobinis

6th Grade Mathematics


What We Are Learning….

In Topic 1- Use Positive Rational Numbers, students will be working with our number system.  As students work with the number system, they will be developing their fluency of computing with decimals and fractions.  Students will be using all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) as they work with decimals.  When students begin their work with fractions (including mixed numbers), they will be using the division and multiplication operations.  Once students have developed fluency with these operations, they will then apply their skills to solving real-world problems.  In these real-world problems, students will be asked to complete multiple steps in order to arrive at a correct solution.



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Important Dates:

Mid-Topic Assessment-

Monday, September 26

Topic Assessment-

Wednesday, October 13

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Due- Thursday, October 14

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