6th Grade Math Homework

Bobinis Homework

enVision 2.0 homework.docx

Homework will be assigned by the lesson.  Students will have 1-3 days to complete an assignment, depending on the length of the lesson.  Students will be required to have the homework completed by the beginning of the next lesson, unless otherwise stated.

Students will be receiving a homework calendar, by the topic, in math class.  Students are responsible for keeping this calendar.  Each day students will record the date on the calendar and circle the "homework color" they were assigned.  There are 3 colors for homework- red, yellow, green.  The colors indicate the depth of understanding for each topic (Red-basic und
erstanding, yellow- average understanding, and green-exceptional understanding). 

If a student is absent from school, they are to complete the "RED" homework assignment for the day they missed.

**NOTE- The ( ) after each homework assignment indicates the 
number of problems that are assigned.**

To determine the assignment for the night, look at the calendar to see which lesson was completed today in class and then use the homework tracker below to find the correct problems for the night.