SMS Dress Code


Dress Code/Personal Appearance 
Students Are Subject to The Following Student Dress and Personal Appearance Guidelines:
 1. Clothing displaying and/or promoting profanity, inappropriate pictures, gestures or words, drug use, alcohol, tobacco products or sexual innuendo is not acceptable.
 2. Clothing which is revealing tight, revealing torn, and/or revealing tattered is unacceptable.
 3. No clothing may purposely expose undergarments.
 4. Hats or head coverings may not be worn inside the building (special exceptions may be made for head coverings worn for religious reasons or special school authorized events). 
5. Garments worn to school must adequately cover the torso, the lower back, mid-section, and the shoulders. 
6. Safe footwear which will not mark/damage school property must be worn. 
NOTE: Skirts or shorts must be at least mid-thigh length. 
Shirts may be sleeveless but must adequately cover the shoulders and torso (not to be low-cut in front or back, not to show mid-drift or side of torso). 
The Following Articles Of Clothing/Accessories May Not Be Worn During The School Day: 
1. All shirts must adequately cover the top of shoulders. The following articles of clothing are not appropriate school attire: Tube tops, “spaghetti strap” shirts, tank tops, low cut tops, muscle shirts, half shirts and mesh sweaters and/or shirts. 
2. Pants, slacks, jeans and/or shorts that are excessively baggy or loose fitting, drag on the floor while walking, and/or worn below the waistline. A student’s pants must be size appropriate, must fit properly and be worn at the natural waist. Tattered holes in jeans must meet the mid-thigh requirement. All tattered holes in jeans/skirts/shorts must be below mid-thigh. 
3. Spandex type tights may not be worn alone. Another garment of appropriate dress code must be worn over spandex type tights (shorts/skirts worn over tights must meet the mid-thigh criteria). 
4. Oversized jackets, trench coats, overcoats, western dusters, and/or other clothing normally worn as cold weather outer garments. Students wearing the above items should store them in their lockers upon arrival at school. Students will be permitted to wear light weight sweaters and sweatshirts during school hours. 
5. Chains, chains attached to wallets, spiked dog collars, spiked wrist bans, or similar items that may cause injury to any person. Jewelry that is worn around the neck and normally recognized as jewelry is permitted. 
6. Any items associated with identified gangs conventionally known in our culture or uniquely associated with the community or school. This prohibition includes clothing and other apparel. 
7. Bandannas or any sort of caps (see exceptions above).
8. Mesh or long underwear, boxer shorts, pajamas or tights worn as outer garments. 
9. Sunglasses. 
The list above is not all inclusive: The building principal has the right to determine if clothing is appropriate for the educational atmosphere and the safety of the student(s). 
Students who are deemed in violation of dress code will be asked to change immediately. 
If alternate clothing is not attained by the student the school will: 1). Provide clothing, 2). Ask the student to call parent/guardian for a change of clothes 3). Disciplinary consequences