Course Expectations

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Course Expectations 2016-2017



Science Materials

This year, all students will use a notebook, folder, lined paper, agenda, and science book in class.

  • Notebooks

    • You will be given a small composition notebook.

    • The notebook will become a science journal used to answers to daily science questions (warmups).

    • Please bring this notebook to class EVERY day.

  • Folder/Lined Paper

    • You will be given a folder and lined paper, if you do not have these items already.

    • The folder is used to keep all lab work and class work organized.

    • You may use a trapper keeper with your own folders and paper, but it is not required.

    • Please bring the folder and paper to class EVERY day.

  • Agenda

    • Each student in the school is given an agenda to keep track of homework.

    • Please bring this agenda to class EVERY day.

  • Science Book

    • You will bring a science textbook home for assigned reading on some nights.

    • Please return the science textbook to class EVERY day.

WISH LIST: If you would like to donate items to our science class, we can always use the following:

Pencils, dry erase markers, markers, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, plastic tubs, ziplock bags (all sizes)

Science Units

Sixth grade science focuses on life science. The units are organized by quarter. Each quarter, students will receive an outline of the specific unit content, vocabulary and state standards.

Quarter 1

Health and Human Body Systems

Quarter 2

Cells and Cell Processes

Quarter 3

Kingdoms of Life

Quarter 4

Aquatic Biomes

Graded Work

You will be given every opportunity to show what you know.

Work hard, show respect, and be kind, and you will do well.

  1. Quarter Assessment- You will complete a test at the end of each quarter to determine information learned. This may be on the computer or on paper.

  2. Lesson Quizzes- At the end of each unit within a quarter, you will complete short quizzes to show what you’ve learned. These will help me make decisions about our future lessons.

  3. Explorations- All students in my class will participate in many explorations in the form of projects, mini-experiments, partner labs, and student presentations. All work will be kept in your science folder. Some explorations will be collected and graded.

  4. Warm-Ups/Science Notebook- You will complete “warmups” in your science notebook.  Each quarter you will have a notebook grade.

  5. Homework-At the end of each unit, homework points will be tallied together from the homework completed. Read the specific homework information on the next page.

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Science homework assignments will focus on quality not quantity.

  • Homework will be checked at the start of each class. Students will receive 0-2 points for its completion.

    • 0 points= no work done

    • 1 point= some effort shown/no work shown

    • 2 points= effort shown/work shown

*At the end of a unit, all points will be added together and entered into PowerSchool.

  • Homework is graded based on effort, not on correct answers.  

  • Often science homework will be a preparation or introduction for the next class lesson.

  • Homework will also be listed on Homework Hotline, located under the Information tab on the SMS website.

  • Sign up for our REMIND class (see information on the last page) for important reminders.


What happens if I am absent?

  • As soon as you return to school, you must check the “ABSENT?” bin in my classroom to find missed assignments.

  • You must complete and return the assignments within one week of your absence (unless other arrangements have been discussed).

  • If you miss a day when an assignment is due, you are required to turn in this work on the day that you return to school.  

  • If you miss a test/quiz, you have one week to make up the test, on your time.


In our classroom, there are 3 simple rules to be followed:

  1. Be kind and respectful to EVERYONE

  2. Be prepared

  3. Be safe

*ALL SMS STUDENTS must follow the rules established in the student handbook.

                        In our classroom, I expect “Peace, Productivity, Healthiness, and Happiness” to be the focus.   However, if these rules are not followed, the following consequences will occur, in the order that they are listed.

  1. Verbal Warning

  2. Behavior Reflection (during school)

  3. Phone call home

  4. Consultation (after school)

  5. Referral to the principal’s office

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Entering Class

  • Enter the room only when the teacher gives permission to do so.

  • Upon entering the room, place your homework on your table.

  • After homework is out, copy the new homework into your agenda.


  • Drinks and restroom breaks are given at the discretion of the teacher.  

  • You MUST get your passed signed in order to leave the room.


We only have 42 minutes per class period. There is no time to waste. 

Daily Schedule

  • Each day we will follow this five-part schedule:

  1. (2 minutes) Homework- Place homework on desk from the previous day, copy homework for the current day, read any notes or information on the board.

  2. (5 minutes) Warm-Up - This will be completed in your science notebook. It’s like a healthy breakfast and a workout for your brain. Write the date beside your detailed answer. If you finish before time is up, check your work.  Then, you must have a book to read. You may bring your own, or borrow one of mine.

  3. (5 minutes) Focus -This is when I will introduce our focus for the day, share some directions for the rest of the class period, and answer any questions you may have.

  4. (20 minutes) Exploration – This is our hands-on portion of the class. You will work with your lab partner to discover something science-y and awesome.

  5. (10 minutes) Meeting – This is when we come together to share what we’ve learned, take notes, watch short video clips, discuss science topics, and make connections to our lives. Come to our meeting ready to share what you’ve learned in the class that day.


  • There will be assigned seats, which will change at the teacher’s discretion.

  • Students will be assigned lab partners. You are expected to be an active, kind, hard-working partner. Lab partners will change at the teacher’s discretion.

  • At times, students will work with “SCIENCE BUDDIES” instead of lab partners.


  • If you need specific materials at any time, please ask by raising your hand.

  • Some science tools require careful use for safety. Please respect the materials and use them safely.

  • All materials will have a location and must be returned at the end of class.


  • Students will be expected to show “PAX” at all times. PAX is a Latin word that means “peace, productivity, health, and happiness”.

  • Showing PAX will earn your class PAX prizes.

  • Classes can earn 0-2 points each day.  (0 points= not a great day:(, 1 point= ok day :| , 2 points=GREAT day :).  

  • Once a class earns 10 points, they can pick a prize from the PAX list.

Leaving the Room at the End of Class

  • If you leave the room during class, sign out on the sign out sheet. When you return, sign in on the sheet.

  • Permission must be given at ALL times, in order to leave the classroom.

  • Students are to remain in their seats, until the teacher dismisses them.  The bell doesn’t dismiss students, the teacher does.

  • Upon exiting the room, push in your stool and quickly and safely move to the next class.


I have a REMIND class just for 6th grade science. Your parents may have joined the SMS remind group already. Your parents may also join my class! Text @scifess to 81010. I will use this app to remind you of projects, tests, and more!

HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL (inspired by Dr. MK)


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