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Course Expectations

Welcome to Mr. DeRemer’s and Mrs. Fatool’s Physical Education Class

We would like to take this time to welcome all new and returning students.  We are going to be focusing on lifetime fitness and sporting activities that can be enjoyed long after you leave middle school.  You will learn the basic fundamental skills for which these activities require.  Physical activity is a necessary component of the educational process.  It has been scientifically proven that a person who is physically fit benefits in the academic realm.  We are looking forward to providing you a challenging yet rewarding, fun physical education class.

Mr. DeRemer:
    I graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a B.S. in Health and Physical Education Teacher Certification.  I am married to Mrs. DeRemer and we have four children, Sean, Mark, Hope, and Halli.  I live in Danville.
    My hobbies are golf, fitness, crossword puzzles, and scrabble. I like football and tennis, also.  My favorite teams are Notre Dame, Pittsburgh Steelers, Boston Red Sox, and the Philadelphia Flyers.
     I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.  I have played all different types of sports and wrestled in high school and college.

Mrs. Fatool:
     I have been teaching Health and Physical Education at the Shikellamy School District since 2001.  A 1996 Shikellamy High School graduate, I was born and raised in Sunbury, PA.  I am a 2001 B.S. HE/PE graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. In 2008, I completed the Exercise Science Master’s program offered through the Bloomsburg University.  
     I am married to Mr. Fatool and have two amazing children, Luke and Lily.  I really value spending time with my family and friends.  Also, I enjoy watching my kids play sports such as soccer, basketball and football.  Most of the time I like running outside for my exercise, but I do like a variety of fitness and sport activities. I find it very important to sit down with my family in the evenings to talk with one another and enjoy a delicious meal. 


You will be graded on the following areas: Dress, Participation, Skills and Written tests.  It is your responsibility to make up any work that you missed.  If you are assigned in-school suspension and/or out of school suspension you must meet with the teacher to make up the work that you missed.  Failure to make up the work will result in a zero for those days that are missed. If you have an excused absence, you must see the teacher to make up the work that is missed.  PE grades will only be given in the second and fourth quarters.

Grade System:
Participation & Attitude 45%
All students start with 100% and points will be deducted for things like:
1. Talking during explanation of skills
2. Chewing gum in class (-5 pts. each time)
3. Inappropriate language
4. Bad behavior
5. Unnecessary roughness or misuse of equipment
6. Not trying to do the tasks at hand or refuses to participate in class (-5 pts.)

Dress                                    35%
ND POLICY (ND = Not Dressed)
If a student receives an ND (not dressed= -5pts.) for class, he or she should still participate in class unless they do not have               sneakers (-5 pts.)(flats, heels, flip-flops, sandals, or any shoe without ankle support or cushion).

Skill and Written Tests   20%
All students will be evaluated on their individual performance of skills.
A written test is usually administered at the end of each unit.


1. Students will have PE class twice per 6-day cycle.
2. Students will meet on one of the following days: A & D, B & E, or C & F.
3. Students must be in the locker room before the late bell rings.
4. All students will have approximately 5 min. to change before and after class.
5. All students must stay in the locker room until they have permission to leave.
6. Aerosols, body sprays, and colognes are prohibited.
7. Students may use stick, gel, or roll-on deodorants.
8. All students will be given a locker for the school year.  Each student will be sharing a locker with 3-4 other students in his or her         PE class.  
9. Keep all of your valuables locked up!
10. The PE teacher will allow students to place valuables in his or her office.
11. The instructor is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items if they were not turned into the gym office prior to the start of class.  


1. Students must have a change of clothes for class.
2. A T-shirt (solid color: blue, gray, maroon or white) and athletic shorts of appropriate length (mid-thigh length).
3. Athletic socks must be worn and sneakers must be properly tied. 
4. No jewelry except for studded earrings (unless there is a medical need).  Students may have to remove all jewelry for certain             activities.  
5. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and warm-up suits are permissible for outside activities.  
6. Long hair must be tied back so that it does not obscure vision and for safety reasons.


1. All equipment will be used in the manner that it is intended for.
2. Students must wait for the instructors’ permission to use equipment.
3. Failure to follow safety procedures may result in a loss of participation and the use of equipment.
4. Any damage to equipment must be reported to the teachers.


1. Students must present a medical or written excuse before the start of class to the teacher.
2. Adaptations will be made available to those students who have permission from their doctor.  The teacher cannot make                       adaptations without the authorization of a doctor’s order.
3. If you get hurt in class, you must report the injury immediately to the teacher. This must be done before the nurse can review the         situation.
4. When an injury occurs in class, it may be necessary for the teacher to stop the class until the injury is taken care of.


1. Consultation is from 2:50-3:10pm.
2. Class make-ups will occur during this time as deemed necessary or at the discretion of the teacher.  Make-ups consist of                     absences, in-school and out-of-school suspensions.
3. Consultation will be assigned after every three dress infractions and/or if student is a disciplinary problem in which the teacher           and student will inform the student’s parent/guardian via a written notice (to be signed by parent/guardian) and/or a phone call to         the parent/guardian.
4. If a student requests help for an activity.

Shikellamy Middle School

Mission Statement

The mission of the Shikellamy School District is to challenge and excite learners to be all that they can be as responsible citizens for the 21st Century.

Shikellamy Middle School
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Northumberland, Pa 17857

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at deremerw@shikbraves.org or fatoola@shikbraves.org.  Please note that we will make every effort to return your email in a timely fashion.
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