NJHS Application

       Shikellamy Middle School National Junior Honor Society Information Sheet                 

Due by:  WEDNESDAY MAY 8, 2019




Please fill out this information sheet legibly in blue or black pen or type.


Write 2-4 sentences for each of the following questions:


A.     SERVICE (willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without monetary compensation or recognition...)

1.     Why is service important to you?






2.     What service activities have you participated in? (These can be individual or group in or out of school but one that you do not get paid for doing)  Please be very specific and only list your service activities from the past 2 years.








B.     LEADERSHIP (taking the initiative in class and in school activities, exemplifying a positive attitude, delegating responsibilities…)

1.     What leadership positions have you held? (in or out of school)






2.     What awards or recognitions have you received?  (school and non-school)







C.     CHARACTER/CITIZENSHIP (striving daily to make the right choice, showing courtesy and respect for others, following school rules…)


1.     Describe your work ethic.









2.     What are your strengths? (personality, school,  athletic, character)







3.     How do you make Shikellamy Middle School a better place for students?






4.     What makes you unique?






5.     Why do you want to join NJHS and what do you believe you could contribute to SMS National Junior Honor Society?







**Using the attached recommendation form, please obtain a recommendation from one person other than a family member or teacher unless the teacher is your coach or club adviser.



I understand that completing and submitting this form does not guarantee selection to the SMS National Junior Honor Society. I attest that the information presented here is complete and accurate.  If selected, I agree to abide by the standards and guidelines of the chapter and to fulfill all of my membership obligations to the best of my ability.



Student Signature: _________________________________________________  Date: ____________________


I have read the information provided by my son/daughter on this form and can verify that it is true, accurate, and complete.



Parent Signature: __________________________________________________  Date: _____________________


Parent Phone Numbers:  __________________________ (Home)  __________________________ (Cell)



Return completed form to Mrs. Witmer or Mrs. McLaughlin by:  MAY 8, 2019

Late and/or incomplete information sheets will NOT be accepted.


SMS National Junior Honor Society

Non-Family Member Recommendation Form



Candidate’s Name:_________________________


To be completed by a person who is not a family member or teacher unless they are a coach or club adviser - *This form is CONFIDENTIAL and should be placed in an envelope and sealed then the student will return it to the committee by the due date.  Please place completed forms in either Mrs. Witmer or Mrs. McLaughlin’s mailbox by: MAY 8, 2019.



Your Name: ________________________________________

In what capacity do you know this student and how long have you known him/her?



Rate the student in the following categories using a scale of 1-4, where 1 = low/poor, 2 = below average, 3 = good, and 4 = high/outstanding.






(taking initiative)




(willingness to selflessly work for others)




(showing courtesy and respect for others)




(following school rules)





Additional Comments:




Signature: _____________________________________________   Date: __________________________






SMS National Junior

Honor Society



May 1, 2019

Congratulations!  Your grade point averages while an SMS student exceed a 92%  since the beginning of 6th grade which qualifies you as a candidate for the National Junior Honor Society.  If you choose to pursue this opportunity, you will need to meet the following requirements.

1.      Complete attached information sheet and turn it in to either Mrs. Witmer or Mrs. McLaughlin by May 8, 2019 (Late or incomplete information sheets will not be reviewed).


2.    Ask one other adult (other than a family member) to complete the recommendation form.  If the adult is someone other than a teacher (coach, youth pastor, neighbor, or volunteer supervisor) please attach the recommendation to your information sheet before turning it in to the main office.  If your recommendation is from another teacher/coach, ask he/she to return it to Mrs. Witmer or Mrs. McLaughlin


3.    Please understand that just because you qualify for NJHS in scholarship there are four other areas that will be considered. The areas of consideration are service, leadership, character, and citizenship. These areas will be considered by the NJHS Faculty Committee.


4.    If you are selected as a candidate for NJHS, there will be several requirements asked of you.  These include:  attendance at induction ceremony, meetings, and service activities; 20 hours of community service by the date of our field trip at the end of May 2020, these service hours are those that you have not received monetary compensation; quarterly GPA must remain 90% or higher; no discipline slips per year for minor infractions; dues of $15 per year.


Mrs. Witmer and Mrs. McLaughlin are the advisers for the NJHS.   If you have any questions, please direct those to the advisers.  We look forward to receiving your application.