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Rules and Expectations

Shikellamy Junior High Soccer


What to expect….


I expect….

-          Learning the thinking part of the game

-          Commitment to the team

-          Perfecting the tactical skills to be successful

-          Be at all practices

-          Push your physical limitations

-          Be willing to push yourself to make the team better

-          Positive environment

-          Put the team before all other goals

-          We play an offensive minded game

-          Be respectful of teammates, coaches, opponents and referees on and off the field. Play hard, BUT never play dirty

-          Play time will be impacted by the way you practice

-           Sideline Behavior: observe the game while on the side line; be cognizant of the actions on the field and ready to enter the game when requested.

-          Learn to be successful, to expect to win every challenge, every tackle, every game

 at least 45 minute warm up.

-          All Rules Will BE Equally Enforced

All Rules To BE Followed

Ø  Uniform

o   The school will provide the uniform (shorts and jerseys)

o   Player will buy the socks one navy and one white to be purchased at Schuylkill Valley Sports in the mall, they must be purchased to play in the games.

o   Shin guards for every practice, cleats, and  also a pair of sneakers that can be ran in if needed

o   If a game is cancelled we will have practice, always have practice clothes with you.


Ø  Physicals

o   February 132012 at the High School Gym.7:05 PM THERE IS NO MAKE-UP DATE


Ø  Practices

o   2-2 ½ hours after school, at CWR field; I will let players know about transportation and a definitive time closer to the season


Ø  Contact information

o   Steesej@shikbraves.orgor I am in room 207 in the Old Building

o   Online

§  Facebook page

·         Shikellamy Boys Soccer

§  District Website



Ø  Rules

o   When I am speaking I have everyone’s attention

o   Be ready to start practice on time, do not arrive at practice and still need to put equipment on

o   Be responsible for any and all equipment, I will designate people to carry the items and put them away

o   All questions on play time will come from the players, not from anyone else

o   I am willing to speak to parents after practice, but not on game days

o   If a player misses practice the day before the game, they will not play in the game.

§  Let me know ahead of time if you will be missing a day

o   No cell phones are to be on during practices or games for any reason

o   Never catch a ball on the field with your hands

o   Never touch another player out of anger

o   No jewelry is allowed (earrings, bracelets, watches, etc.)


Ø  Consequences for breaking above rules

o   There may be loss in play time, extra team conditioning, consultation with parent and or principle

o   Remember we represent the school district, our families, and most important ourselves





Last Modified on January 26, 2013